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What Will I find in RECON?

RECON has over 40,000 standard charts, tables, and maps that provide an overview of economic conditions in the United States. In general, more data is available for the larger geographies (U.S. and states) than is available for smaller geographies (metropolitan statistical areas and counties). Information is available for the following economic areas:

  1. Industry Activity - employment composition by industry and commodity prices.
  2. Labor Markets - employment (level + growth), unemployment rate, labor force and population, and a link to layoff info.
  3. Income - personal income (level and growth), per capita personal and median family income, average annual wages by industry, and personal bankruptcies, and
  4. Real Estate Activity - housing permits (level and growth), mortgage Delinquencies (level and growth), and foreclosures. Office and industrial vacancy rates are available for the largest MSAs.

The What's Available link, on the help menu, has a table showing data availability by geography. The Useful Links page, under RECON Navigation on the top menu, has links to other useful economic, banking, real estate, and government sites. "The views expressed on these sites are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official positions of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The links to information presented have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable but their accuracy or usefulness is not guaranteed."

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