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How Do I View Economic Data?

  RECON is organized by geography. On the left are dropdown menus for state, MSA, and county selection. There is also a "All Counties in State" selection (formerly County Overview) in the county list that contains the maps and tables with information for all counties in that state. On the right side of each page are the links to RECON content.


  • Under the Data Links section are: Bank Overview & Preformance Data (formerly Bank Information);Real Estate Data System (link to REDS); link to Demographic Data from Census; and County Locator Map.
  • Under Economic Data, the Industry Activity, Labor Markets, Income, and Real Estate Activity sections can be located by scrolling to those sections below on the same page. Some people find it easier to scroll, and some prefer to click links - we allow either.

  Once you have identified the economic concept you want to view, click on the word 'view' under the chart or table column following the concept name to view that chart or table. A grayed out word, not underlined, means that the chart or table is not available.


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