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Next Scheduled Data Update on: See Update Schedule  

11/1/2005 MSA changes:   The new OMB (Office of Management and Budget) MSA definitions are now widely available, and have been implemented. The new descriptions are: Metropolitan Statistical Areas have at least one urbanized area of 50,000 or more population. Micropolitan Statistical Areas have at least one urban cluster of between 10,000 and 50,000 population, with commuting ties. A Metropolitan Division is a subdivision of an MSA with a population of 2.5 million or more.
12/17/2004 Conventional Mortgage Delinquencies:   The Mortgage Bankers Association of America (our source for delinquencies) no longer reports combined conventional mortgage delinquencies - they now report prime and sub prime separately, based on the type of loans the lender primarily handles. Two new charts show both types of delinquencies with annual data from 1998. A new enhanced table includes related foreclosures, as well as, VA & FHA loan data. Annual historical data from 1984-2003 is archived in another chart as a reference.
6/15/2004 MSA Data:   Some of the data sources have begun converting to the new 2003 MSA/CSA definitions, which can cause a disruption in the data. Check the Created date on each chart - if the date is not current, the updated data is not available yet.
              Discontinued Series:   The Index of Economic Activity and Top 50 Employers by county will not be updated due to low usage.  State and MSA level top 20 employers is available on page 2 of the Regional Economic Analysis report from Economy.com.
6/30/2003 Employment by Industry Data:   The Bureau of Labor Statistics has changed the way data is grouped by industry - from SIC (Standard Industrial Classification ) to NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) with the release of first quarter 2003 data.  This affects RECON's Employment by Industry and Employment Composition charts and tables, and prevents direct comparison with data from prior periods.
8/14/2002  New Update Schedule:   Data in RECON will no longer be updated on a fixed schedule.   Instead, we will update chart, tables, and maps as the data becomes available.   See our update schedule to estimate when a given type of data will be updated.   This will provide more current data.
              A State Has Moved!:   Not physically, but to a different region.   Kentucky has been moved from the Memphis region to the Chicago region.   Other than the US map, this only affects the regional banklist spreadsheets.
              Commodities:   A discontinued Commodity price series has been replaced: Soybean Meal, 48% Protein replaces Soybean Meal, 44% Protein.

7/17/2001Regional Links: The 'Regional Links' pages have been replaced with a more universal 'Useful Links' page. The extrenal links page, with links to S&P and Mergent's, was removed, since these sites require a userID and password for access.

4/13/2001Median Family Income: This new concept has been added in the Employment and Income section, following the Per Capita Personal Income, at the state and county level. Click on the help link for a definition of this economic concept.

3/23/2001 Labor Force and Population tables: An error was found in some of the County and MSA tables affecting that level unemployment rate and population. The US and state levels were unaffected, but some MSA and county data from 1/3/01 is incorrect. The tables with errors are identified by having 2 rows of population in the MSA or county level. All MSA and county tables have been removed while we correct the problem. The corrected tables have been reposted on 4/13.

2/26/2000 Commodities: 3 Commodity price series, which have been discontinued, have been replaced as follows: Random Lengths Framing replaces Hardwood Lumber; Random Lengths Structural Panel replaces Plywood; and Scrap Steel from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & Chicago replaces Steel Scrap from Chicago.

12/19/2000 Problem with Excel or back button: If you are using IE ver 4 and are unable to open the Excel bank list spreadsheets, and your back button takes you back to the RECON home page, you need to change a security setting: From the View menu, choose Internet Options, then Select the Advanced tab, Scroll down to the security section and Uncheck the 'Do not save encryped pages to disk' line. Click on the OK button to save.

9/22/2000 Data Missing message: When you get the following message, "Data Missing This document resulted from a POST operation and has expired from the cache.", this is usually caused by having the browser's cache set too small. Try increasing it to 10MB (or having your tech support increase it).

9/20/2000 Blank PDF files: A PDF file is blank (most often in Netscape Navigator 4.5). This version of Netscape has a different default for a URL begining with "https://," a secure server (like this one). To view the PDF file, you can save the PDF file to your local drive and then open it to view; you can use a different version of Netscape or Internet Explorer (not an option at most agencies to change your software); or you can go to Adobe Support Knowledgebase article 16672   for a Netscape browser fix, or Microsoft Product Support article   for Internet Explorer help.

8/1/2000 Bank Information: The Bank and Thrift Lists are now available by state, as well as region. Also added is Insure Date, in the 'Regulatory Information' section. Virgin Islands data is available from the Puerto Rico page, and the American Territories (Guam, American Somoa, and States Of Micronesia, are available from the California page.

6/16/2000 Seasonally Adjusted Data: Annual charts and tables now use Not Seasonally Adjusted data (formerly used Seasonally Adjusted data to match quarterly charts and tables). Although NSA data theoretically matches SA data at the annual level, this isn't always the case, due to rounding and other differences.
                 US data: US data is now reported using National Survey data, where available, instead of the Sum of States data.

2/9/2000 Continue Shopping: If two or more left frames appear when selecting "continue shopping" in the shopping cart feature, please check to ensure that your browser is set up to accept cookies.

11/4/99 Employment Growth Charts, 20 Yr MSA Charts: A data error was discovered in some of the state annual growth data on MSA-level charts available from 6/11/99 to 11/2/99. These charts have been removed. Corrected data will be posted soon. The state-level charts did not have a problem, and are still available.

10/5/99 Personal Bankruptcy Charts: Line charts are now available showing personal bankruptcy filing rates, at the state and county level. Quarterly charts are only available at the state level, due to the highly estimated nature of the data at the county level. Annual charts provide state and county data for up to 20 years, depending on data availability.

9/13/99 Municipal Unemployment Tables: Data for municipal unemployment has been added to RECON. It's available below the current unemployment data on state, MSA, and county pages, one table (or set of tables) per state.
          New Data Source: Bankruptcy data is now obtained from Regional Financial Associates, who are able to provide us with more current data.
09/10/99 DOS San Francisco Bank Listing Spreadsheet: The DOS San Francisco Bank Listing Spreadsheet contained errant data in the Commercial and Consumer loan columns during the months of July and August. The problem was corrected the weekend of September 4.
7/22/99 County Detail Maps: Some browsers have trouble viewing the county detail maps; to properly display the image, hit the 'Reload' button on your browser twice.
6/26/99 Printing PDF Documents: If you are having trouble printing PDF files to LaserJet III, 4, or 5 printers, read the recommendations at the following web site: http://www.adobe.com/supportservice/custsupport/SOLUTIONS/bbe6.htm
06/11/99 For version 2.0, the following changes have been made:
  • Selected commodity prices, at the national level, now available in a table and charts: under 3. Related Links. Each commodity description on the table is a hyperlink to a chart - click on it to see the chart for that commodity.
  • A longer time series chart has been added to each of the line charts, and will be displayed with each existing line chart. The new charts will display annual growth for the last 20 years, covering the last recession.
  • A DCA version of the Bank and Thrift List, by region, has been added: under 3. Related Links, Bank Information.
  • A list of counties which comprise an MSA has been added to the MSA page: under 2. Standard Charts and Graphs.
  • The personal bankruptcy table now has a ranking column, showing its rank within the state.

04/13/99 Concept Locater page added: Listing of all economic concepts, with the geographical levels at which they are available, and update frequency. What's where in RECON
02/25/99 County Overview: All county overview (all counties in a state) maps and tables have been copied, by popular request, to the county pages.
02/25/99 Top 50 Employers: The information provided here is the product of Dun & Bradstreet's voluntary company survey. There are weaknesses in the system which may result in duplicative, missing, or in other ways erroneous data. Nevertheless, the concept can be useful for obtaining broad overviews of the types of large businesses operating in a county. Source: Dun & Bradstreet , WEFA, Inc.
02/23/99 All concepts: Each chart, table, graph, and map has a 'created' date stamp. This tells you when the data was last updated. RECON updates data 8 times a year, or once every 6 weeks. However, some data is updated quarterly, and some annually, from the source. RECON doesn't update an economic series unless more recent data is available from the source.
02/23/99 All concepts: Click an information button to get documentation on the economic concept and its data.
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