Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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The FDIC Institution Directory (ID) provides the latest comprehensive financial and demographic data for every FDIC-insured institution, including the most recent quarterly financial statements, with performance and condition ratios.
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  Help Definition for Financial      Financial   3/31/2014   6/30/2014   September 2014 
  Help Definition for Demographic     Demographic   7/17/2014  Updated weekly
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   Key Statistics
FDIC-Insured Institutions
 Number as of 7/17/2014  6,670 
 Assets as of 3/31/2014  $14,986,870 
 Deposits as of 3/31/2014  $11,365,780 
Data for records processed through:  7/16/2014
Dollars in millions; adjusted for mergers

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  • Identify the Regulatory Top Holder of FDIC-insured Subsidiaries
  • Identify all insured institutions owned by a bank holding company
  • Look up summary financial information of the insured institutions owned by a bank holding company
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  • Look up demographic and financial information on any bank or thrift insured by the FDIC
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  • Download Institution Lists and Summary Financial Reports displayed on a screen
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  • Compare any combination of individual insured institutions, peer groups, and bank holding companies
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  • Download large amounts (up to 2.5 megabytes) of information on insured institutions.
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