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How Do I View Economic Data? (continued)

A second way to view data is by using the 'shopping cart'. Click on the word 'add' under the second group of chart or table columns following the concept name.

The third way to view data is by clicking the 'View Everything' or 'View All' link (formerly the Express View feature), which gathers all charts and tables, either in the whole page (Everything) or that section (All), depending on which link is clicked.

With either option, you can then print the concept(s) (remember to set your page setup to landscape orientation), or, if you right-click on a chart/table/map, you can "Save Picture As" to your own computer.

Most of the economic concepts (types of economic data) have accompanying text that gives a description of the concept, geographic availability, update frequency, redistribution restrictions, and data source. Click on any information link icon to see the extended description for that concept.

In general, there is less information available as you view smaller geographical units.

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