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Why do I need a Shopping Cart? I'm not buying anything.


Although you are not actually purchasing anything in RECON, the shopping cart model is familiar to most users. It allows you to collect items (charts, tables, or maps of economic information) from different geographies to 'take home' - in this case to view or print.
To add an item to your shopping cart, click on the word 'add' under the chart or table columns following the concept name. To collect all the available charts, tables, and maps for a section, click the Add All link at the top of that section. A grayed out word, not underlined, means that the chart, table, or map is not available.

After you add items to your cart, you will be viewing a list of concepts that you have collected. From here, you can click the View selected Data button to see what you have collected, modify your selections by changing the sort order or unchecking any box in the Data Type column to remove an item you don't want (remember to click the Update Shopping Cart button if you make any changes here), or click Continue Shopping button to return to RECON to collect more images.
At any time, you can view or clear the shopping cart contents from the top menu, under Shopping Cart.

If you wish to print the images collected, make sure you adjust the page setup to Landscape Orientation.
To save any chart, table, or map to your own computer, right-click on the image, then select 'Save Picture As...' (for IE) or 'Save Image As...' (for Netscape) and enter the desired name and path where you want to save it.
Click the Clear button to empty your cart.

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