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User Notes

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November 2014

MSA changes:   While OMB updates MSA’s every 10 years after the National Census, the presentation in RECON may reflect economic data with a combination of old (prior Census) and new (current Census) localities (MSA, Micropolitan SA) to the extent that certain economic data is available for the new localities, but other economic data is not collected yet. As new locality time series for a given economic concept become available, RECON will present the new and no longer provide the economic data for the old locality. On any given MSA or locality menu page in RECON, you will see a combination of hyperlinked economic concepts and grayed-out economic concepts if certain data is not available yet for that locality.

RECON Update Policy:   RECON is updated quarterly as new quarterly data become available during the quarter for a given economic concept time series. Example: Employment data usually arrives early in the quarter and is updated earlier than Personal Income data which arrives at the end of the quarter. RECON users can expect all RECON economic concept updates to be completed by (or shortly after) the end of a given calendar quarter.

Question Marks :   Your questions about the nature, description, granularity, update frequency, and the source of RECON data can be answered by clicking on the yellow question mark to the right of each economic concept menu item.

Dropped Data Series:   If data no longer is available for a particular locality level for a given economic time series, RECON will continue to show the graphs, for a period of time, to provide RECON users with prior existing comparative data. Most RECON graphs show several levels of granularity (US, State, MSA, County). Also, even though a particular level of granularity reporting stops, the other levels of data may continue to be collected. So, RECON will retain the prior reported data even though no new data is collected at a particular level.

Updated Date:   RECON displays a footnote on each graph or table that indicates the date of the source data used. RECON is updated once a quarter for each economic concept in the RECON menu, unless a particular principal data source makes a significant change in the data.

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