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Information Availability

This table shows which economic concepts are available at which geographical levels (US, state, MSA, or county). Listing is alphabetical by concept. Available geographies are checked in red. Data is updated quarterly, except as noted.

  US State MSA County
Bankruptcy Filings, Personal; charts, table, maps (charts for each state and county; 1 table + 2 maps per state)  
Commodity Prices, Selected; chart, table - Monthly updates      
Earnings per Employee by Industry, Average Annual; chart      
Employment by Industry; chart, table    
Employment Composition; chart Annual update    
Employment Growth; chart (payroll emplyment for government, private, manufacturing)  
Employment Growth, Total; chart, table  
Employment Growth, Total, map (all counties in state, 1 table and map per state)      
Housing Permits, Total, Single Family, MultiFamily; chart  
Housing Permits, Total; table  
Housing Permits, Total, Single Family, Multifamily; table (all counties in state, 1 table per state)      
Labor Force + Population; table
Median Family Income; chart Annual update  
Mortgage Delinquencies & Foreclosures; chart
(Total, Conventional Prime, Conventional SubPrime)
Per Capita Personal Income; chart Annual update
Personal Income Growth; chart, table
(Total, Nonwage, Wage & Salary)
State Profiles At A Glance      
Unemployment Rate; chart
Unemployment Rate; table, maps (all counties in state, 1 table, 2 maps per state)      
Unemployment Rate, Municipal; table - Municipality (all municipalities in state, 1 table per state)        
Vacancy Rates, Non Residential; chart, (availability limited to 50 MSAs)    

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