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When Will it be Updated?
This table shows approximately how many days after quarter-end or year-end each concept will be available.    Economic concepts are listed alphabetically.

Economic Concepts (Data) Days after Qtr End (unless otherwise noted)
Bankruptcy Filings, Personal 56
Commodity Prices, Selected; Monthly updates 3 Days after month-end
Earnings per Employee by Industry, Average Annual Annual update 17 months after year-end
Employment by Industry 23
Employment Composition Annual update 23
Employment Growth 23
Employment Growth, Total 23
Home Sales, Existing Single Family 77
Housing Permits, MultiFamily 33
Housing Permits, MultiFamily 33
Housing Permits, Single Family 33
Housing Permits, Total 33
Income Growth 121
Labor Force + Population 33
Median Family Income; Annual update When Available
Mortgage Delinquencies 68
Office and Industrial Data for Metropolitan Markets (analysis) 45
Payroll Employment 33
Per Capita Personal Income; Annual update When Available
Personal Income Growth 121
Residential Real Estate 50
State Profiles: At A Glance Table Quarterly
Unemployment Rate 41
Unemployment Rate, Municipal 36
Vacancy Rates, Non Residential 71
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