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RIS Data Warehouse Dictionary Item Definition
RIS data is organized into six different data bases:
  • Structure Information (STRU) - Non-financial data concerning an institution's location, Regulatory Agency, charter, etc. derived from INST, BRANCH, CALL, CALLSL, and MERGER
  • Financial Time Series (FTS) - Source report financial data derived from CALL, CALLSL, RIS-STRU, and RIS-MERGER
  • Complex Derived Integers (CDI) - Mathematically derived financial data from RIS-STRU, RIS-MERGER and RIS-FTS
  • Ratios (RAT) - Financial ratios derived from RIS-STRU, RIS-MERGER, RIS-FTS and RIS-CDI
  • Merger (Merg) - Non-financial merger data derived from INST and other external sources
  • Examination (EXAM) - Best available exam data prior to the quarter date utilizing one or more data sources - ASSESSMENT, EXAM-SUM, SAER-EXAM, or M204 (in that order)
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