Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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Referred as MDRM number ( Micro Data Reference Manual ), the FRB number is assigned by the Federal Reserve Board. It is found with each line item in the Call Report. ( i.e. RCON and RCFD numbers are listed on the left side of each item ) For example. "total assets" in Report of Condition schedule in the medium size banks have a FRB number, RCON 2170.

TFR number is the line number assigned by the Office of Thrift Supervision that can be found with each line item in the Thrift Financial Report. (TFR) For example, SC60 represents Total Assets in Schedule SC- Consolidated Statement of Condition. Therefore, if you want to search by TFR schedule, type the appropriate TFR schedule. For eg. to find TOTAL ASSETS, type in SC60.

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