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The Research Information System (RIS) is a data warehouse developed and maintained by the Division of Insurance and Research. The system organizes various types of bank and holding company data used in analyzing industry conditions and aiding in the development of corporate policy. RIS information is the basis for DIR publications, which include the Institution Directory, Quarterly Banking Profile, Summary of Deposits, and the Statistics on Banking.

Originally developed in 1991, RIS covers all FDIC-insured institutions including commercial banks, savings institutions, and insured branches of foreign banks regardless of source forms (e.g. Call Report, Thrift Financial Reports, IBA). Beginning in 2013, bank holding company data from the Federal Reserve source form Y9C began a phased integration into the RIS data warehouse.

RIS utilizes demographic, financial, merger history, examination, holding company, branch, and other information deemed necessary in the analysis of the financial institutions. RIS information begins with the December 31, 1972 Call Report data and is organized on a quarterly basis. RIS contains almost 2,800 variables for each FDIC-insured institution as well as over 7,500 pre-calculated industry aggregates for user convenience. RIS information for bank holding company data is available starting in March 2001 and contains a similar count of variables.

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