Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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Savings Institution Reports

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                   INSTITUTION and STRUCTURE (Balances at year-end)
                   SI01:  Number of Institutions by Regulatory Agent and Insurance Fund(National Only)
                   SI02:  Changes in Number of Institutions(National Only)
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                   FINANCIAL DATA - INCOME STATEMENT (Year-to-date activity)
                   SI07:  Net Income
                   SI08:  Interest Income
                   SI09:  Interest Expense
                   SI10:  Noninterest Income and Noninterest Expense
                   SI11:  Charge-Offs and Recoveries on Loans/Leases, Cash Dividends and Number of Employees

                   FINANCIAL DATA - BALANCE SHEET (Balances at year-end)
                   SI12:  Assets
                   SI13:  Investment Securities
                   SI14:  Loans and Leases
                   SI15:  Real Estate Loans
                   SI16:  Loans to Individuals
                   SI17:  Liabilities and Equity Capital
                   SI18:  Deposits
                   SI19:  Interest Earning Assets and Interest Bearing Liabilities
                   SI20:  Past Due and Nonaccrual Loans/Leases