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Summary of Deposits Definition
a. Reported - Actual location of office/branch as reported by the Institution.
b. USPS - Preferred or "central" city based on the reported zip code of the office/branch.

Branch and main office "city" locations are assigned using the United States Postal Service's USPS perferred city name, which is determined from the zip code reported for each office location. As a result, all offices located within the same zip code will appear in a single city. However, city locations in this Summary of Deposits (SOD) system may not match the city locations reported by the institution. USPS preferred city name is used to ensure consistency when looking up offices according to their city. The following example illustrates this situation:

  Reported by
Summary of Deposits
Zip Code 20902 20902 20902
City Wheaton Silver Spring Silver Spring

It should be noted that an institution's reported city - which has not been modified -- could be different than the city of its main office, which reflects the USPS preferred city name. The following examp illustrates this situation:

      Institution Name  City, State
        Office Address  City (USPS)

    Los Angeles
      Any Bank                Hollywood, CA
M*  2500 Vine Street  Los Angeles

*Indicates Main Office

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