Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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SOD Download

The SOD download offers 2 options - the National download which contains the entire SOD file and the custom state download.

Please note that for the state downloads, all variables are available, however, the variables have been split into 3 groups - branch/office, institution and bank holding company. Be sure to change the drop box to select from the other groups.

Clicking on any of the information icons information will provide definitions for the selected variables. For further assistance, see SOD Download Help
SOD variables and definitions

Branch/Office Variable TitleVariable
Address (Branch)ADDRESBR
Branch NameNAMEBR
Branch Office NumberBRNUM
Branch Service TypeBRSERTYP
City (Reported)(Branch)CITYBR
City (USPS) (Branch)CITY2BR
Combined Statistical Area Name (Branch)CSANAMBR
Combined Statistical Areas (Branch)CSABR
Consolidated number(Branch offices)CONSOLD
County Name (Branch)CNTYNAMB
County Number (Branch)CNTYNUMB
Deposits (Branch)(in thousands of dollars)DEPSUMBR
Domestic Institution flagUSA
FIPS Country Name (Branch)CNTRYNAB
Main Office Designation FlagBKMO
Metropolitan Division Flag (Branch)METROBR
Metropolitan Division Name (Branch)CBSA_DIV_NAMB
Metropolitan Divisions Flag (Branch)DIVISIONB
Metropolitan Statistical Area NameMSANAMB
Metropolitan Statistical AreasMSABR
Micropolitan Division Flag (Branch)MICROBR
New England City and Town Area Names (Branch)NECNAMB
New England City and Town Areas (Branch)NECTABR
Place NumberPLACENUM
State & County Number (Branch)STCNTYBR
State Code (Branch)STALPBR
State Name (Branch)STNAMEBR
State Number (Branch)STNUMBR
Unique Identification Number for a Branch OfficeUNINUMBR
Zip Code (Branch)ZIPBR